I’m allergic.

My cats!!

Hey guys. Here are my cats! Let me introduce you to them!

So the biggest cat there, would be Clare! She is a sassy cat who loves to scratch.. I’m used to it though, haha! She is orange and white and she loves to bite. The black and white one is Data. My dad named him after a star treck character. He is very energetic and is attached to me. He is very playful and meows a lot. The little orange one is the runt of her litter, Georgia. I named Georgia! She got the name from being our little climber. That reminded me of a monkey and she is also very curious. So I thought of “Curious George.” So I thought of the girl version and said “Georgia!” She loves to climb and play with cat toys. Her little “bunny kick” is adorable and she is very shy. She loves to sleep and run away from big, moving objects. That is all from me and good night!!


Does anyone here like squish mellows or stingrays? Cause I LOVE both a lot. Squish mellows are like animal pillows. Tey come in a lot of sizes like mini, small, normal, medium, and big! (I think) Right now, I have 17 squish mellows! And I now have my dream one! Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year guys!!!

Oops! 😬

So, uhm.. hello again everyone.. and even maybe my class😳. So, here is a story for you guys. One day at school, I was just minding my business like any other morning. And then I realized that I can look at my blog,(this) in my ChromeBook! So, I pulled it up and people started getting a little curious about what I was reading. So now, I might have some new “friends” come join us. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your feasts?? Bye!

P.S. If you are from my school, in my class, leave a comment! I want to see and read what you think.

Aquarium Day!

This is called a Shark-ray. It has the head of a stingray but it’s body is a shark! This was really cool to see! They had three of these at the aquarium we went to on Sunday! They named each of them but I don’t remember.

This was a really fun place to go to. They had a play area, a cafeteria, and a place where you sit or stand on a thingy (it looks like a swing?)and it shows which shark weighs the same as you! It was really cool! I can’t remember what shark I weighed the same as, but I hope to go back there soon!

Anyways, today was just a small quick post that I didn’t really mind to write. So, I’m going to go now and I’ll post soon! (I hope🤣) byeeee!


Hello guys!! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been busy sleeping and all that.😂 I am typing all of this on my phone so don’t mind any spelling errors😅 Anyway, how have you all been? Good? Me too!! I’ve been playing a game called roblox. In it is a bunch of games! One of those games is called adopt me! That’s the game I’ve been playing! In it I had a bunch of pets! And somebody came up to me asking for me to be in their YouTube video. I didn’t really ask what their YouTube channel was called but I said ok! So we sat down and they started and then we traded! I gave them my goldhorn, zodiac minion chick, and my ride kirin for a rideable toucan! So we traded and the video ended, I went to trade the ride toucan! Someone traded me and traded me and put in the toucan. They put in a neon, ride ginger cat! I was really happy! Later on, someone traded me again! Gtg ur traded me a fly, ride legendary unicorn!! So, then I finally had my dream pet!! Then today I was playing with my friend when again, a trade request. Do I put in my unicorn and they put in a golden fly ride unicorn!! And now I have my #1 dream pet!😁😝🤩🥳 that’s all for today!! Bye!!

Hello! I don’t know what to write!

As the title says, I have no idea what to write about. But! I want to say that after 5-8 months, my friends called me! I am talking about my two friends from my old school, Kiyah and Bella! They are both taller than me but we get along very well! We usually talk and play roblox (mostly Bloxburg). So, if you visit me and I am laughing and talking loudly in my room, they are probably the cause. After this I will go to Walmart to get a Mother’s Day present along with some ROBUX! Which is just roblox money. And don’t worry, I am going to use my own money for it. 25$ to be exact. I earned this money from doing chores. Anyway, bye and happy Mother’s Day!!!

NWEA Done But ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫

Yes as the title says, I am done with NWEA! This is exiting and I moved up about twelve points all together. The title also say “ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫”, this is correct. I am really nervous and I hope I pass it! This also means if I pass, I will most likely move onto fifth grade and, well, I really like my new teacher! Please tell your friends and family to read my blogs! I might start blogging everyday. Well, anyways, goodbye!

Hello! And I’m back!

Hello! Today I will tell 1scary story so be prepared!

The Thing.-Ted Martin and Sam Miller we’re good friends. They spent a lot of time together. On this particular night they were sitting on a fence near the post office talking about one thing and another.

There was a field of turnips across the road. Suddenly they saw something crawl out of the field and stand up. It looked like a man, but in the dark it was hard to tell for sure. Then it was gone.

But soon it appeared again. It walked halfway across the road, then it turned around and went back into the field.

Then it came out a third time and started toward them. By now Ted and Sam were scared, and they started running. But when they finally stopped, they decided they were being foolish. They weren’t sure what had scared them. So they decided to go back and get a better look.

Pretty soon they saw it, for it was coming to meet them. It was wearing black pants, a white shirt, and black suspenders.

Sam said, “I’m going to try to touch it. Then we’ll know if it’s real.”

He walked up to it and peered into it’s face. It had bright penetrating eyes sunk deep in it’s head. It looked like a skeleton.

Ted took one look and screamed, and again he and Sam ran,but this time the skeleton followed them. When they got to Ted’s house, they stood in the doorway and watched it. It stayed out in the road for a while. Then it disappeared.

A year later Ted got sick and died. Toward the end, Sam sat up with him every night. The night Ted died, Sam said he looked just like the skeleton…

Thank you for reading this scary story, I didn’t make this story it is from the book, “SCARY STORIES to Tell in the Dark”. But I really hope you tell this to anybody that needs a little scare. Also, tell me in the comments of up next you want to hear the stories, “Strange and scary things”,”The big toe”, or “The walk”!