Oh hi. It’s just me. Only me. I found this dog 🐩 anyone want it? This is a random quick post. Enjoy reading this nonsense. I am in Olive Garden. Fettuccini Alfredo. It was good. Anyways, this is only to either waste ur time- or make you feel like I needed to add more. Goodbye peeps! 😋

Just a blog

Hello!! As we all know, school is (or should be) in session! For me, it’s the fourth day of school. We had a page of math yesterday, and a lot of people including me, finished it! I’m about to go on the bus but I still have a bit of time left. I have been talking to people in my class and they are all pretty nice. Of course I’m in the excel program. Which is basically a class for the gifted or to think of it easier, a smart class. I’m not saying the other classes are dumb- they are all very smart in their own ways! I’ll explain more after school. Bye!!

NWEA Done But ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫

Yes as the title says, I am done with NWEA! This is exiting and I moved up about twelve points all together. The title also say “ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫”, this is correct. I am really nervous and I hope I pass it! This also means if I pass, I will most likely move onto fifth grade and, well, I really like my new teacher! Please tell your friends and family to read my blogs! I might start blogging everyday. Well, anyways, goodbye!

My Vice President Letter (and my dog)

Hey there! As you can read from the title, I am writing the Vice President a letter! Her name is Kamala Harris! I would ask an adult before sending a letter to her if you are a kid that is reading this!

What I want to write about. Hmm- what I want to tell her about is who I am and my about my sister! I will say the state I live in but not my address. I also would like to put down whatever I think of. Like my dog Zero for example, she is cute,short,and black and white. The picture above is Zero! I put a scarf on her and that was in my old house too.

I hope you write a letter to someone you haven’t talked to or seen in awhile because, sometimes,they forget about you-and if it doesn’t come through then it will most likely come back right to you! And even if you have them on a message app, you should still write them a letter. And if you want, you can even send a card.

I’m Back!

Hola people! I am back from Florida! That’s right, Florida! From Our house, it took about 16-18 hours to get there! That is counting in the food,restroom, and gas breaks. It was a long ride but it was worth it! The hotel we stayed in (Me,Sophie,Marcus,and my mom, Jessica) was fancy! It had a pool, and work out room, free breakfast, and outside there was a Tesla charging station! I’ve never seen one of those before but I guess I was just lucky to find a hotel that has one outside right? Well, anyways, what we did up there was pretty much see Marcuses parents but when we were at their house, I caught a lizard! I let my sister hold it, but it jumped in her hair and we lost it for a couple of minutes! I found it though! We also ate Mexican while with his parents and it was very good food there, just the steak was a little bitter. BUT NO OFENCE TO ANYONE IN FLORIDA!!

Also, Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Years! I know it’s a little late for that but I still wanted to put that in here. Also, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 9 DAYS! I WILL BE 10 YEARS OLD!!! YAY! But, I am sad that I am frowning up so fast. I mean, 2021 was kind of a good year for me, I might of moved, and had to switch schools, but! I can handle that! So, I am very sad that 2021 went away so soon…And I am sad that last year I had COVID-19 on my 9th birthday. But! Today I am getting my COVID-19 shot! Yay! I will be much safer!

Hello, it is currently 2/22/22 and I am now 10. Sorry this post is a little late but I hope reading about it will cheer you up and I know some of you would like hearing about my life. I hope you all are having a good day though! Happy thoughts!


Hello again! I wanted to say that in a few days I’m going on vacation! I can’t wait! We’re going as soon as they pick me up! I will take lots of pictures on while we’re there. I hope you guys are having a good time! Well, I hope I have a good time! I’ll try to blog while on vacation! Me and Max(my stuffed animal dog that my grandma gave to me) and daddy,Meagan will have a great time! Until next time!


Here’s my friend Crabbie Maddie! He holds my air plant! I water my air plant once a week, they are so cool!

My dad has been giving me a list to do starting yesterday when I came home and he was at work! This is one of my chores I have to do but I enjoy it, you’d think that I would throw a fit or not do them, but I actually love doing my list of chores! Another this is I have an air plant! It’s so cool! It’s small and is getting held by a little crab guy and he is so cool! Here’s a pic! It’s above this paragraph! Isn’t he cute? Bye! Anyways, I’ll blog soon!

Update On Minecraft

So I was working on my Minecraft world Popcorn World 2.0 and I made a statue of my character and it looks almost identical and I am super proud of myself. If I can, I could send a video of Popcorn World 2.0 I took a few minutes ago to you so you can see all that I’ve done in my world! I hope you will enjoy my video of my world, you will need your volume kinda high cause I’m quiet sometimes, ?. So please enjoy and I will update you guys/girls on what I build! And please, send me video’s and pictures on what you guys have made! Thank you for reading this and I will update soon ? ?!!!!!

ILEARN sounds like IDONE now!???

I know, I know, funny photo right? But that’s not what I’m talking about right now, I finished ILEARN! That’s really exiting for me because it was really hard! I wander if I did good……but I probably did! I also recently got like over 20 beanie boos and I’m so happy! One of them (the biggest one) the fin came off! So I hope Pokey will be okay!

Meagan Moved In!!

Meagan moved in not to long ago, the second time I saw her I said she should move in or something like that. But not long after, she moved in! She is currently making an indoor garden, or, at least I thing she is.?. At school tomorrow, Apr 20th 2021 we will be taking a big test called ILEARN. It’s going to be about math,reading,maybe writing, I’m not for sure yet. We will be doing the reading test where we have to read/listen to a story, then write about what we learned about it. That’s all for now, till next time!