I’m allergic.

My cats!!

Hey guys. Here are my cats! Let me introduce you to them!

So the biggest cat there, would be Clare! She is a sassy cat who loves to scratch.. I’m used to it though, haha! She is orange and white and she loves to bite. The black and white one is Data. My dad named him after a star treck character. He is very energetic and is attached to me. He is very playful and meows a lot. The little orange one is the runt of her litter, Georgia. I named Georgia! She got the name from being our little climber. That reminded me of a monkey and she is also very curious. So I thought of “Curious George.” So I thought of the girl version and said “Georgia!” She loves to climb and play with cat toys. Her little “bunny kick” is adorable and she is very shy. She loves to sleep and run away from big, moving objects. That is all from me and good night!!


Does anyone here like squish mellows or stingrays? Cause I LOVE both a lot. Squish mellows are like animal pillows. Tey come in a lot of sizes like mini, small, normal, medium, and big! (I think) Right now, I have 17 squish mellows! And I now have my dream one! Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year guys!!!

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! It’s me, Anya, back with another blog post! This is my cat, Clare, under my Christmas tree! Yes, we already have some presents under the tree and yes, the tree is fully decorated. It took a bit to do, but Meagan helped me and so it went way quicker! Happy holidays and see, you guys soon!


Hello guys!! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been busy sleeping and all that.😂 I am typing all of this on my phone so don’t mind any spelling errors😅 Anyway, how have you all been? Good? Me too!! I’ve been playing a game called roblox. In it is a bunch of games! One of those games is called adopt me! That’s the game I’ve been playing! In it I had a bunch of pets! And somebody came up to me asking for me to be in their YouTube video. I didn’t really ask what their YouTube channel was called but I said ok! So we sat down and they started and then we traded! I gave them my goldhorn, zodiac minion chick, and my ride kirin for a rideable toucan! So we traded and the video ended, I went to trade the ride toucan! Someone traded me and traded me and put in the toucan. They put in a neon, ride ginger cat! I was really happy! Later on, someone traded me again! Gtg ur traded me a fly, ride legendary unicorn!! So, then I finally had my dream pet!! Then today I was playing with my friend when again, a trade request. Do I put in my unicorn and they put in a golden fly ride unicorn!! And now I have my #1 dream pet!😁😝🤩🥳 that’s all for today!! Bye!!

My Vice President Letter (and my dog)

Hey there! As you can read from the title, I am writing the Vice President a letter! Her name is Kamala Harris! I would ask an adult before sending a letter to her if you are a kid that is reading this!

What I want to write about. Hmm- what I want to tell her about is who I am and my about my sister! I will say the state I live in but not my address. I also would like to put down whatever I think of. Like my dog Zero for example, she is cute,short,and black and white. The picture above is Zero! I put a scarf on her and that was in my old house too.

I hope you write a letter to someone you haven’t talked to or seen in awhile because, sometimes,they forget about you-and if it doesn’t come through then it will most likely come back right to you! And even if you have them on a message app, you should still write them a letter. And if you want, you can even send a card.

Cool Butterfly Memories

What you see here is my old butterfly, Princess. You may know her from my last post, and yes, she is now dead. But! After she died we made the idea of putting her into some resin. Resin is a liquid that you put things into and the resin will harden and become a solid. I put princess in there(after she died) because I want to have her close at all times so I can feel safe. The thing you see next to her is a fake flower petal for decoration. You can do this, just please don’t put any live animals in it. Thank you for reading this! See you next time!

My Hurt Pets 😢 😊 ❤️

Here are what my pets are!

Aren’t they cute?!?!

The yellow striped army worm’s name is Soldier! He isn’t hurt but I’ve raised caterpillars before so, I have experience!

The monarch’s name is Princess because she has only 2 wings and one is chipped. She also really likes me and I know she’s a girl.

The eufala skipper’s name is Polly because she reminds me of another butterfly I have had in the past. She is missing a leg and a wing.

The cricket’s name is jumper! She/he is missing a leg because of….me….I caught him/her and my finger slipped and her/him’s leg slid of sadly. But he/she can still jump and I love that he/she is pushing through!

Those are all of my pets!(for now) And so if you get one, send a pic! Each time a get a new pet I will name and show you guys! Insect or not!