Cool Butterfly Memories

What you see here is my old butterfly, Princess. You may know her from my last post, and yes, she is now dead. But! After she died we made the idea of putting her into some resin. Resin is a liquid that you put things into and the resin will harden and become a solid. I put princess in there(after she died) because I want to have her close at all times so I can feel safe. The thing you see next to her is a fake flower petal for decoration. You can do this, just please don’t put any live animals in it. Thank you for reading this! See you next time!


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One response to “Cool Butterfly Memories”

  1. I hope someday we can figure out how to do resin and have it dry nice and clear…

    But I am glad we were able to preserve Princess for you. You for sure loved that creature and took such wonderful care of her!

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