Hello! And I’m back!

Hello! Today I will tell 1scary story so be prepared!

The Thing.-Ted Martin and Sam Miller we’re good friends. They spent a lot of time together. On this particular night they were sitting on a fence near the post office talking about one thing and another.

There was a field of turnips across the road. Suddenly they saw something crawl out of the field and stand up. It looked like a man, but in the dark it was hard to tell for sure. Then it was gone.

But soon it appeared again. It walked halfway across the road, then it turned around and went back into the field.

Then it came out a third time and started toward them. By now Ted and Sam were scared, and they started running. But when they finally stopped, they decided they were being foolish. They weren’t sure what had scared them. So they decided to go back and get a better look.

Pretty soon they saw it, for it was coming to meet them. It was wearing black pants, a white shirt, and black suspenders.

Sam said, “I’m going to try to touch it. Then we’ll know if it’s real.”

He walked up to it and peered into it’s face. It had bright penetrating eyes sunk deep in it’s head. It looked like a skeleton.

Ted took one look and screamed, and again he and Sam ran,but this time the skeleton followed them. When they got to Ted’s house, they stood in the doorway and watched it. It stayed out in the road for a while. Then it disappeared.

A year later Ted got sick and died. Toward the end, Sam sat up with him every night. The night Ted died, Sam said he looked just like the skeleton…

Thank you for reading this scary story, I didn’t make this story it is from the book, “SCARY STORIES to Tell in the Dark”. But I really hope you tell this to anybody that needs a little scare. Also, tell me in the comments of up next you want to hear the stories, “Strange and scary things”,”The big toe”, or “The walk”!

My Vice President Letter (and my dog)

Hey there! As you can read from the title, I am writing the Vice President a letter! Her name is Kamala Harris! I would ask an adult before sending a letter to her if you are a kid that is reading this!

What I want to write about. Hmm- what I want to tell her about is who I am and my about my sister! I will say the state I live in but not my address. I also would like to put down whatever I think of. Like my dog Zero for example, she is cute,short,and black and white. The picture above is Zero! I put a scarf on her and that was in my old house too.

I hope you write a letter to someone you haven’t talked to or seen in awhile because, sometimes,they forget about you-and if it doesn’t come through then it will most likely come back right to you! And even if you have them on a message app, you should still write them a letter. And if you want, you can even send a card.

Cool Butterfly Memories

What you see here is my old butterfly, Princess. You may know her from my last post, and yes, she is now dead. But! After she died we made the idea of putting her into some resin. Resin is a liquid that you put things into and the resin will harden and become a solid. I put princess in there(after she died) because I want to have her close at all times so I can feel safe. The thing you see next to her is a fake flower petal for decoration. You can do this, just please don’t put any live animals in it. Thank you for reading this! See you next time!

I’m Back!

Hola people! I am back from Florida! That’s right, Florida! From Our house, it took about 16-18 hours to get there! That is counting in the food,restroom, and gas breaks. It was a long ride but it was worth it! The hotel we stayed in (Me,Sophie,Marcus,and my mom, Jessica) was fancy! It had a pool, and work out room, free breakfast, and outside there was a Tesla charging station! I’ve never seen one of those before but I guess I was just lucky to find a hotel that has one outside right? Well, anyways, what we did up there was pretty much see Marcuses parents but when we were at their house, I caught a lizard! I let my sister hold it, but it jumped in her hair and we lost it for a couple of minutes! I found it though! We also ate Mexican while with his parents and it was very good food there, just the steak was a little bitter. BUT NO OFENCE TO ANYONE IN FLORIDA!!

Also, Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Years! I know it’s a little late for that but I still wanted to put that in here. Also, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 9 DAYS! I WILL BE 10 YEARS OLD!!! YAY! But, I am sad that I am frowning up so fast. I mean, 2021 was kind of a good year for me, I might of moved, and had to switch schools, but! I can handle that! So, I am very sad that 2021 went away so soon…And I am sad that last year I had COVID-19 on my 9th birthday. But! Today I am getting my COVID-19 shot! Yay! I will be much safer!

Hello, it is currently 2/22/22 and I am now 10. Sorry this post is a little late but I hope reading about it will cheer you up and I know some of you would like hearing about my life. I hope you all are having a good day though! Happy thoughts!

My Hurt Pets 😢 😊 ❤️

Here are what my pets are!

Aren’t they cute?!?!

The yellow striped army worm’s name is Soldier! He isn’t hurt but I’ve raised caterpillars before so, I have experience!

The monarch’s name is Princess because she has only 2 wings and one is chipped. She also really likes me and I know she’s a girl.

The eufala skipper’s name is Polly because she reminds me of another butterfly I have had in the past. She is missing a leg and a wing.

The cricket’s name is jumper! She/he is missing a leg because of….me….I caught him/her and my finger slipped and her/him’s leg slid of sadly. But he/she can still jump and I love that he/she is pushing through!

Those are all of my pets!(for now) And so if you get one, send a pic! Each time a get a new pet I will name and show you guys! Insect or not!


Hello again! I wanted to say that in a few days I’m going on vacation! I can’t wait! We’re going as soon as they pick me up! I will take lots of pictures on while we’re there. I hope you guys are having a good time! Well, I hope I have a good time! I’ll try to blog while on vacation! Me and Max(my stuffed animal dog that my grandma gave to me) and daddy,Meagan will have a great time! Until next time!


Here’s my friend Crabbie Maddie! He holds my air plant! I water my air plant once a week, they are so cool!

My dad has been giving me a list to do starting yesterday when I came home and he was at work! This is one of my chores I have to do but I enjoy it, you’d think that I would throw a fit or not do them, but I actually love doing my list of chores! Another this is I have an air plant! It’s so cool! It’s small and is getting held by a little crab guy and he is so cool! Here’s a pic! It’s above this paragraph! Isn’t he cute? Bye! Anyways, I’ll blog soon!

Update On Minecraft

So I was working on my Minecraft world Popcorn World 2.0 and I made a statue of my character and it looks almost identical and I am super proud of myself. If I can, I could send a video of Popcorn World 2.0 I took a few minutes ago to you so you can see all that I’ve done in my world! I hope you will enjoy my video of my world, you will need your volume kinda high cause I’m quiet sometimes, ?. So please enjoy and I will update you guys/girls on what I build! And please, send me video’s and pictures on what you guys have made! Thank you for reading this and I will update soon ? ?!!!!!

ILEARN sounds like IDONE now!???

I know, I know, funny photo right? But that’s not what I’m talking about right now, I finished ILEARN! That’s really exiting for me because it was really hard! I wander if I did good……but I probably did! I also recently got like over 20 beanie boos and I’m so happy! One of them (the biggest one) the fin came off! So I hope Pokey will be okay!

Meagan Moved In!!

Meagan moved in not to long ago, the second time I saw her I said she should move in or something like that. But not long after, she moved in! She is currently making an indoor garden, or, at least I thing she is.?. At school tomorrow, Apr 20th 2021 we will be taking a big test called ILEARN. It’s going to be about math,reading,maybe writing, I’m not for sure yet. We will be doing the reading test where we have to read/listen to a story, then write about what we learned about it. That’s all for now, till next time!