I’m allergic.

My cats!!

Hey guys. Here are my cats! Let me introduce you to them!

So the biggest cat there, would be Clare! She is a sassy cat who loves to scratch.. I’m used to it though, haha! She is orange and white and she loves to bite. The black and white one is Data. My dad named him after a star treck character. He is very energetic and is attached to me. He is very playful and meows a lot. The little orange one is the runt of her litter, Georgia. I named Georgia! She got the name from being our little climber. That reminded me of a monkey and she is also very curious. So I thought of “Curious George.” So I thought of the girl version and said “Georgia!” She loves to climb and play with cat toys. Her little “bunny kick” is adorable and she is very shy. She loves to sleep and run away from big, moving objects. That is all from me and good night!!


Hello peeps, just want to say, a hoodie has no zipper, sometimes a pocket, and a hood. A sweatshirt has no hood but no zipper and sometimes a pocket. A jacket can have a hood and pockets but always has a zipper. A coat is a giant puffy jacket for the cold or rain. Anyone agree?


Does anyone here like squish mellows or stingrays? Cause I LOVE both a lot. Squish mellows are like animal pillows. Tey come in a lot of sizes like mini, small, normal, medium, and big! (I think) Right now, I have 17 squish mellows! And I now have my dream one! Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year guys!!!

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! It’s me, Anya, back with another blog post! This is my cat, Clare, under my Christmas tree! Yes, we already have some presents under the tree and yes, the tree is fully decorated. It took a bit to do, but Meagan helped me and so it went way quicker! Happy holidays and see, you guys soon!

Oops! 😬

So, uhm.. hello again everyone.. and even maybe my class😳. So, here is a story for you guys. One day at school, I was just minding my business like any other morning. And then I realized that I can look at my blog,(this) in my ChromeBook! So, I pulled it up and people started getting a little curious about what I was reading. So now, I might have some new “friends” come join us. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your feasts?? Bye!

P.S. If you are from my school, in my class, leave a comment! I want to see and read what you think.