NWEA Done But ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫

Yes as the title says, I am done with NWEA! This is exiting and I moved up about twelve points all together. The title also say “ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫”, this is correct. I am really nervous and I hope I pass it! This also means if I pass, I will most likely move onto fifth grade and, well, I really like my new teacher! Please tell your friends and family to read my blogs! I might start blogging everyday. Well, anyways, goodbye!

2 thoughts on “NWEA Done But ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫

  1. Fifth grade, oh wow how time flies. I mean like no way can that girl be going into fifth grade. But she is and we are all so proud of her. Such a smart girl she is!

  2. Congratulations on your NWEA score! I understand you did very well on it (to the surprise of no one!)

    And I hear you have the opportunity to enter the Excel program! That is very exciting. I sure wish such a chance had been there for me in fifth grade.

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