My flowers sprouted

Memaw gave me a garden for Christmas. My daddy and me planted seeds a long time ago! This week, they sprouted! They are hard to see. We only planted half the seeds. Half have to be kept in the fridge first. They like cold.

I water my garden every week with special water from the store. A plastic lid keeps the garden steamy!


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7 responses to “My flowers sprouted”

  1. I’m so happy you are taking such good care of your flowers, I’m proud of you Anya. Love you!

    1. I love you so much grandma.

  2. Gardens are exciting! I can’t wait to see what grows!

    1. I love you grandpa so much.

  3. There’s a bit of fungus growing in the garden which is evident in the close-up of the thing. The instructions that came with it anticipated such a development and said that a 1:50 hydrogen peroxide solution would be harmless to her sprouts but deadly to the fungus. Her spray bottle has that in there now, and we’re hoping for the best. I scraped out the better part of the fungus seen in the picture, but there is some residual growth.

  4. It has been quite awhile! How does your garden grow?

  5. I’m sad this garden didn’t last long… but we have a growing number of house plants now, including aloe and bamboo!

    Our terrarium also didn’t last very long… but even though it’s a barren wasteland, the isopods (roly polies) have enjoyed it for quite some time now. Resilient li’l things!

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