My flowers sprouted

Memaw gave me a garden for Christmas. My daddy and me planted seeds a long time ago! This week, they sprouted! They are hard to see. We only planted half the seeds. Half have to be kept in the fridge first. They like cold.

I water my garden every week with special water from the store. A plastic lid keeps the garden steamy!

7 thoughts on “My flowers sprouted

  1. There’s a bit of fungus growing in the garden which is evident in the close-up of the thing. The instructions that came with it anticipated such a development and said that a 1:50 hydrogen peroxide solution would be harmless to her sprouts but deadly to the fungus. Her spray bottle has that in there now, and we’re hoping for the best. I scraped out the better part of the fungus seen in the picture, but there is some residual growth.

  2. I’m sad this garden didn’t last long… but we have a growing number of house plants now, including aloe and bamboo!

    Our terrarium also didn’t last very long… but even though it’s a barren wasteland, the isopods (roly polies) have enjoyed it for quite some time now. Resilient li’l things!

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