I’m Back!

Hola people! I am back from Florida! That’s right, Florida! From Our house, it took about 16-18 hours to get there! That is counting in the food,restroom, and gas breaks. It was a long ride but it was worth it! The hotel we stayed in (Me,Sophie,Marcus,and my mom, Jessica) was fancy! It had a pool, and work out room, free breakfast, and outside there was a Tesla charging station! I’ve never seen one of those before but I guess I was just lucky to find a hotel that has one outside right? Well, anyways, what we did up there was pretty much see Marcuses parents but when we were at their house, I caught a lizard! I let my sister hold it, but it jumped in her hair and we lost it for a couple of minutes! I found it though! We also ate Mexican while with his parents and it was very good food there, just the steak was a little bitter. BUT NO OFENCE TO ANYONE IN FLORIDA!!

Also, Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Years! I know it’s a little late for that but I still wanted to put that in here. Also, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 9 DAYS! I WILL BE 10 YEARS OLD!!! YAY! But, I am sad that I am frowning up so fast. I mean, 2021 was kind of a good year for me, I might of moved, and had to switch schools, but! I can handle that! So, I am very sad that 2021 went away so soon…And I am sad that last year I had COVID-19 on my 9th birthday. But! Today I am getting my COVID-19 shot! Yay! I will be much safer!

Hello, it is currently 2/22/22 and I am now 10. Sorry this post is a little late but I hope reading about it will cheer you up and I know some of you would like hearing about my life. I hope you all are having a good day though! Happy thoughts!


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