Meagan Moved In!!

Meagan moved in not to long ago, the second time I saw her I said she should move in or something like that. But not long after, she moved in! She is currently making an indoor garden, or, at least I thing she is.?. At school tomorrow, Apr 20th 2021 we will be taking a big test called ILEARN. It’s going to be about math,reading,maybe writing, I’m not for sure yet. We will be doing the reading test where we have to read/listen to a story, then write about what we learned about it. That’s all for now, till next time!


Just a kid who sometimes writes about my day. I ❤️ Minecraft, Roblox, my cats, Beanie Boos, Squishmallows, and my family. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. WOW! Big change afoot! Sounds exciting! Good luck with the ILEARN!

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