Hello! And sorry for not posting on awhile! I have been very busy lately and haven’t really gotten a chance. So, next Wednesday is ( and I think) the last day of school!!! I am so exited but sad. My teacher has been really nice to me and I have barely ever gotten in trouble! I mean, like whenever I first came it was a bit rocky but I got the hang of it! Also, I am going to have a busy week this week!

Tomorrow is field day, or a day at school where you are doing activities ALL DAY!!! It will be fun but after your body REGRETS IT!

Then there is the field trip we are going on and we come back at like for something! My school lets off at three and my dad is coming! I am sooo exited!

I forget what else but I know there is the at party! At party is basically a reading party for kids who got to their reading goal! I got it all three times I have been there for and I have always said yes to the video games where we bring an electronic( not a phone) and play for two hours! The other option is the movie where you bring snacks and watch a two hour movie! Anyways, bye posting soon!

Hello! I don’t know what to write!

As the title says, I have no idea what to write about. But! I want to say that after 5-8 months, my friends called me! I am talking about my two friends from my old school, Kiyah and Bella! They are both taller than me but we get along very well! We usually talk and play roblox (mostly Bloxburg). So, if you visit me and I am laughing and talking loudly in my room, they are probably the cause. After this I will go to Walmart to get a Mother’s Day present along with some ROBUX! Which is just roblox money. And don’t worry, I am going to use my own money for it. 25$ to be exact. I earned this money from doing chores. Anyway, bye and happy Mother’s Day!!!