Back Again

So, I am back from my field trip and it took forever for it to end. But at least I can tell you all about it. So, first of all, THE ONE HOUR THEY SAID THE RIDE WOULD BE IT FELT LIKE THERE HOURS. The bus was crazy and the ride to the museum I got hit in the nose and for like ten minutes I couldn’t feel it. This really scared me and my friends. And whenever we went to buy things at the gift shop, the line was like twelve feet long. The wait was super long and we hadn’t eaten yet. I got rock candy on a stick and some cloud putty. On the bus back my friend took my rock candy but I didn’t mind. I am just happy I am home now. Also, most of you don’t know but I have a choice to go into a program called exel and it is a class for really smart students. And I forgot it at school which was just fun. I really want it go into exel! But I will blog soon!


So, as the title says I am going on a field trip soon. We are going to a museum! I am really happy and so are my classmates. But one nervous thing is that we need five adults and a teacher is coming so that is four but only three parents are coming. I pointed this out to the teacher and she looked nervous too. But, it is an hour on the bus to talk with my friends and we are leaving as soon as the announcements go off. We will come back at two-thirty and we leave at three so this is kind of fun! I hope you enjoy your day and goodbye till next time!

NWEA Done But ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫

Yes as the title says, I am done with NWEA! This is exiting and I moved up about twelve points all together. The title also say “ILEARN Is Next?!?😵‍💫”, this is correct. I am really nervous and I hope I pass it! This also means if I pass, I will most likely move onto fifth grade and, well, I really like my new teacher! Please tell your friends and family to read my blogs! I might start blogging everyday. Well, anyways, goodbye!