My Hurt Pets 😢 😊 ❤️

Here are what my pets are!

Aren’t they cute?!?!

The yellow striped army worm’s name is Soldier! He isn’t hurt but I’ve raised caterpillars before so, I have experience!

The monarch’s name is Princess because she has only 2 wings and one is chipped. She also really likes me and I know she’s a girl.

The eufala skipper’s name is Polly because she reminds me of another butterfly I have had in the past. She is missing a leg and a wing.

The cricket’s name is jumper! She/he is missing a leg because of….me….I caught him/her and my finger slipped and her/him’s leg slid of sadly. But he/she can still jump and I love that he/she is pushing through!

Those are all of my pets!(for now) And so if you get one, send a pic! Each time a get a new pet I will name and show you guys! Insect or not!