Here’s my friend Crabbie Maddie! He holds my air plant! I water my air plant once a week, they are so cool!

My dad has been giving me a list to do starting yesterday when I came home and he was at work! This is one of my chores I have to do but I enjoy it, you’d think that I would throw a fit or not do them, but I actually love doing my list of chores! Another this is I have an air plant! It’s so cool! It’s small and is getting held by a little crab guy and he is so cool! Here’s a pic! It’s above this paragraph! Isn’t he cute? Bye! Anyways, I’ll blog soon!

Update On Minecraft

So I was working on my Minecraft world Popcorn World 2.0 and I made a statue of my character and it looks almost identical and I am super proud of myself. If I can, I could send a video of Popcorn World 2.0 I took a few minutes ago to you so you can see all that I’ve done in my world! I hope you will enjoy my video of my world, you will need your volume kinda high cause I’m quiet sometimes, ?. So please enjoy and I will update you guys/girls on what I build! And please, send me video’s and pictures on what you guys have made! Thank you for reading this and I will update soon ? ?!!!!!